About the Webmaster
Dr. K.M. Rook is the current Webmaster for  K.M. Rook holds a Ph.D. in Religion, a Doctorate of Divinity, and ordainment under the Universal Life Church.  All that, plus several years of intense individual study, led to the creation of this website.  The last several years' work specialized in the study of Malakim, via religious and secular texts, angelology, and personal meditation.

In April 1998, one particular entity interrupted a deep meditation to introduce himself as Mikal (/mi-ka-el/).  Since that time, K.M. Rook has been in near-constant contact with that entity, who continues to assert his identity through statements, prophecy, and teachings.  These contacts were verified where possible, and the prophecies transcribed until it was seen that several of them were genuine (about an 80% accuracy rate).

K.M. Rook has since begun faithfully transcribing the words of this entity, who has revealed several facets of Malakim society and life that were previously obscure.  K.M. Rook offers no judgements as to whether these transcriptions depict the truth, but relates them as given.


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