Statement of Purpose
Guarantio di Arpo - Angel The purpose of is to educate and entertain the general public.   This website is not intended to offend, circumvent, or corrupt any established religion, creed, or Path.  By no means shall the information herein be construed as absolute truth--truth is always relative.

Let it also be set forth that this website is meant in seriousness.  The information contained herein has been gleaned through exhaustive research of numerous religions, mythologies, and cultures, as well as studious meditation, a modified form of channelling, and (yes, the rumors are true) certain Summonings performed by ceremonial magick.

Two immediate dilemmas present themselves with this website: One, that information from the last three sources has been filtered through the perception of a person, who although paintakingly careful, may yet have misunderstood or forgotten facets.  Two, that the reader's own previous experience or belief may shroud, color, or nullify the information herein due to his or her overriding opinions.  Such obfuscation is perfectly normal, and inescapable, as all humanity forms its reality based upon what each has seen and expects to see.

Given this quandary, plus the outcry of those glued too firmly to their beliefs, why should this website exist at all, and freely?   The reason is simple:  the webmaster was told to create it.  So, out of affection and a sense of duty, exerting Free Will, it shall be done.

That said, let the Malakim finally be heard!

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Picture: Guarantio di Arpo, "Angel" (1400s?)