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Here is a brief listing of products that relate or appeal to Malakim.  These products are sold through the Dreaming Gates partnership, which has graciously offered 10% of all proceeds to keep our website running.   (All Dreaming Gates policies and disclaimers apply.)

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Selected Product Descriptions

Frankincense and Myrrh ResinNatural Resins

Nothing appeals more to our feathery buddies than the wafting aroma of frankincense or myrrh.  We keep these burning in the office, where we refer to them as "Malak-nip" (as in, "catnip for Malakim").   The smoke will also cleanse a home of negativity and bring blessings.  This high-quality resin is the same used in cathedrals and magickal rites alike.  Requires charcoal to burn (place a pinch on lit charcoal to melt).  Nothing is better to bring malakim running! (Price $2.99/1 oz) [ORDER Frankincense]   [ORDER Myrrh]

Charcoal Charcoal Disks

Charcoal is useful for burning frankincense, myrrh, or herbs as natural incense.  To use, light one disk at an end and wait until it sparks throughout before adding the incense.  Your personal protectors are sure to appreciate the old-world twist... but remember, ventilate the area because anything that burns creates carbon monoxide.  Tribute your Malakim in style--use natural charcoal. (Price: $2.99/ roll of 5 disks) [ORDER]

incense on ashcatcher ~ (c)2002 Dreaming Gates Incense Sticks and Cones

Incense is an excellent attractant and tribute for Malakim of all makes.   This incense is made fresh to order, very strong, and charged for specific purposes. (Price $3.99/25-pack)
Name Traditional Use Description (order)
Amber Protection, exorcisms, opening Third Eye Single scent - rich, sweet, touch of musk [ORDER]
Angelorum Contacting angels and angelic entities, calling upon one's guardian spirits Blended scent - light and floral [ORDER]
Casting Circle Protection during ceremonies Blended scent - rich and woody, with a resinous note [ORDER]
Celtic Twilight Accessing Druid powers, contacting one's ancestors, communing with Nature Blended scent - Floral with deep overtones [ORDER]
Cinnamon Protection, sexuality, combating depression Single scent - sharp, light, spicy [ORDER]
Clove Courage, money, love Single scent - deep and spicy [ORDER]
Dragon's Blood Sexual potency, protection Single scent - thick and rich, with a sweet note [ORDER]
Enochian Pyramid Enhancing Enochian magick, accessing the Enochian plan, raising consciousness Blended scent - heavy and sweet, with spicy overtones [ORDER]
Faye Folk Appealing to faeries and similar entities, awakening the "child within" Blended scent - floral and light, with a fruity touch [ORDER]
Frankincense Spirituality, meditation Single scent - resinous and earthy [ORDER]
Goetic Triangle Power during Solometric rites; containing spirits; binding and summoning spells Blended scent - deep and rich with spice beneath [ORDER]
Jasmine Love, psychic dreams Single scent - Light and floral [ORDER]
Lavender Antidepressant, relaxation Single scent - floral and sweet [ORDER]
Myrrh Healing, anti-hexing, peace Single scent - resinous and spicy [ORDER]
Nag Champa Spirituality, visions Blended scent - dark and sweet [ORDER]
Old Ways Enhancing nature magick such as Wicca and herbalism, accessing ancient knowledge Blended scent- resinous and woody [ORDER]
Patchouli Money, physical energy Single scent - deep and earthy [ORDER]
Sandalwood Protection, healing, spirituality Single scent - sweet and woody [ORDER]
Strawberry Happiness, affection Single scent - sweet and fruity [ORDER]
Vanilla Sensuality, joy Single scent - light and sweet [ORDER]
Witching Hour Amplifying magick, rituals Blended scent - thick, resinous, spicy [ORDER]

Polished stones Polished Stones

Malakim are uniquely attracted to items of beauty and color.   These polished stones, besides fitting the bill, are also charged with Reiki healing energy to make them twice as nice.   Place these stones out where your Malakim friends can touch them, enjoying the power within. (Prices range $1.50-1.99)
Name Traditional Use Description (order)
Amethyst Prosperity, sobreity, psychic abilities, protection from psychic attack, chakra balance, calm, meditation, logical thought. Clear to marbled purple, average 1" x 1". [ORDER]
Aventurine Creativity, leadership, money and men. Open and clear heart chakra, shield from being used emotionally or spiritually. Pale to deep speckled green, average .75" x 1" [ORDER]
Black Onyx Energy absorption, grounding, defensive magick, protection. Change bad habits, confront buried emotions, improve impatience. Deep black, with occasional gray banding, average .75" x .5" [ORDER]
Carnelian Confidence, assertiveness, courage. Understand inner cycles, esp. female. Balance creative and logical brain. Light to deep orange, with faint bands of yellow and white, average .75" x .75" [ORDER]
Dumortiurite Open throat chakra, communication, emotional release, verbalize spiritual needs. Deeply calming, reduce irritability, stubbornness, impatience. Blue with white to tan marbling, average .75" x 1" [ORDER]
Hematite Memory, technical skills, grounding, calming. Dissolve negativity, balance yin-yang, stabilizs energy and emotions. Strongly attuned to the earth. Polished silvery gray, average .5" x 1" [ORDER]
Red Tiger's Eye Combine Sun (Fire) and Earth. Ground while raising power. Increase psychic abilities and intuition. Practicality, wealth. Red with dark banding, average .75" x 1" [ORDER]
Rose Quartz Self-love, self-healing. Opens heart chakra, opens the self to internal and external affection. Heals emotional wounds. Removes negativity and chaos. Calmness, patience, gentleness. Light to medium pink, average .5" x .75" [ORDER]
Yellow Jasper "Nurturing" stone, emotional support. Raise awareness, align chakras, balance yin-yang energies. Sacred of Native Americans, Shamans. Deeply protective, esp. during astral or physical travel. Grounds negativity, stabilizes and cleanses aura. Yellow with white to dark brown marbling, average .5" x 1" [ORDER]

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