The Neutrals
Turner: Angel in a Storm In texts dealing with Malakim, there have been several groups described as having broken off or left the main body for one reason or another.  Most of these came to be called "demons" and were depicted as harmful or evil entities. In reality, there seem to be individuals that are not necessarily dedicated to harm and whose rejection of Malakim Law reflect defiance of the Malakim power-structure, rather than a genuine rejection of the Creator or Creators.

One of these schism groups is the Egoroi, also called the Watchers, Egregoi, or Grigori.  This particular group is referred to in Genesis, the Book of Jubilees, and the Book of Enoch as those initially responsible for "having relations" with human women.  (The Book of Enoch lists a secondary reason being that the Egoroi leader demanded the sacred name of the Creator, which must never be spoken, for his personal aggrandizement.)  According to mythology, ninety percent of the Egoroi were destroyed while ten percent of them were spared so as to maintain the balance between good and evil.  Other texts mention that the spared Egoroi, after witnessing the execution of their spawn, the Nefelim, were condemned to a living hell of torture and fire.  Their leader in particular is said to have been chained and thrown in a hole, with a mountain of rocks placed on top of him.  (This mountain, called Azazel, is found in modern-day Israel.)

These Egoroi today function in an odd limbo between accepted Malakim society and the Fallen, who reject the Egoroi as inferior beings.  (Contemporary meditations have revealed that the Egoroi Fell far later than the initial group of Malakim who rejected the Creator and became Archdemons.)  For the most part they appear to be no longer under torture, although they are by no means free--the Malakim maintain constant observation of them.  A few of them are named thus:

  • Azza / Assa / Azazel - initially taught humankind to build weapons and taught women to "paint themselves" so as to be beautiful (the first makeup artist).  Proclaims himself to be the leader of the Egoroi.  May or may not be the same entity as the infamous Semyaza (which translates in Hebrew to, "name of Azza.")
  • Kasdayae - initially taught humankind how to discontinue a pregnancy quickly by striking the uterus properly (not as easy as it sounds).  Proclaims himself to be second-in-command.
  • Armaros - initially taught humankind magick.  Appears to be the local mage, and is treated more or less as the third-in-charge.

There are many other Egoroi, and some who appear to be overlapped with entities among the true Fallen.  Make no mistake--these entities are not particularly friendly and indeed, it is not recommended to reach out to them for help.  These creatures will always take a price.  They are classified as demons and will behave thusly.  The primary distinction between them and the true Fallen is the occasional spark of compassion--being in human form, and living among humankind, appears to have taught them many things.

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Picture: Detail from J.M.W. Turner, "Angel Standing in a Storm"