Channelled Statements
Sigil of Mikal Preface: herein is a transcript, faithfully reproduced, of the words spoken by Mikal of the Malakim.  These words were received by Webmaster Dr. K.M. Rook and typed immediately upon receipt.  It is your choice whether or not to accept them as fact.  The Webmaster posts them here only to satisfy the one who speaks them.

Comments or translations added by the Webmaster are contained in brackets.  Where mentioned, the "mouthpiece" is the Webmaster and the "Master" is the Creator(s).


(Note: there have been no more communications from Mikal since that below. I had expected at least a whisper following the death of Pope John Paul II, but there is only silence. The rare glimpses I manage mostly show Mikal preoccupied with the conflict in Iraq--and not happily so. ~Kyriel, 2 April 2005.)

April 16, 2002  [several weeks into the Israel-Palestine conflict]

I have considered my options regarding what to say.  I have concluded that this message, although brief, must be to the point.  There is no end in this conflict that can satisfy the status quo.  There is no end in sight.

I have heard calls radiating out from hundreds of sites, calling me to action, calling me to stir.  No.  I am forced into inaction, and I must remain that way.  I cannot explain.  I must only Obey.

We are waiting, all of us, all the Malakim.  My Brothers perch on the edge of awareness, watching.  Watching, interminably.

I am so tired.

I know, dear ones, that you wish an answer.  I know you seek a truth.  I can give nothing.  Nothing, except my own advice: be steady.  Keep to your ways.  And understand that I can do nothing, without the word of the Master.  That is why we wait.


I may say one thing, and it is on a different tack: we are all given chores.   All of us, human and Malakim and other.   These things were written in the holy ways, they were taught in the ancient schools.   We are all given tasks.   And mine, right now, is to wait.

Go now and look through the prophecies.   If you seek to know what comes, go to your writings.   This all was written.   This all was put down long ago, and whispered, although no one heeded then.   The collapse of certain institutions, accusations, anger and fire and blood.

I am sorry, little ones.   So sorry.   It is almost done... for now.   The end of a cycle, the start of a new.

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Picture: Modified Sigil of Mikal, taken from Francis Barrett's "The Magus."