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    This site is dedicated to information about the Malakim (also called angels), from a historical, mythological, and metaphysical point of view.  Website in operation since June 21, 2000, midnight EST.

    Malakim Overview:

    Malakim are entities that exist on a plane above the physical.  To risk oversimplification, a malak (singular) is the Judaic or Semitic version of an angel.   In that respect, they serve as messengers or perceivable aspects of a singular deity, as well as teachers of humankind.  When the Christian Bible mentions "angels," it means Malakim.

    Malakim, however, are not isolated to Christian and Judaic belief.  Nearly every culture on Earth makes some reference to shining beings that serve as teachers or messengers from above.  Similarly, every culture makes reference to harmful entities, sometimes called "demons."  It is to these groups, outside of any specific religion, that this website refers.  The Hebrew word, malak, is used for clarification and convenience.

    Do Malakim really exist?  The answer depends on one's personal beliefs and culture.  Mythology, popular culture, and ancient lore make multitudinous references to beings that match the description.

    This website is dedicated to conveying information regarding the Malakim and their Fallen and Neutral Brothers.  It draws knowledge from ancient and modern texts, mythologies, religions, and personal experience.   Without breaking the Law, hopefully, this knowledge is yielded unto you.  Enjoy!


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    This site concerns actual Malakim and their history / mythology - it does not involve role-playing games.

    Some Malakim Tribes: Malakim, Seraphim, Kerubim (Cherubim), Beni Elohim.

    Some Malakim Names: Mikal (Michael), Rafael (Raphael), Urial (Auriel), Gabriel, Sandalfon, Haniel (Aniel, Anael), Khamael (Camuel, Chamuel), Tzadkiel (Tsadkiel), Tzaphkiel (Tzafkiel, Tsaphkiel), Ratziel (Ratsiel), Metatron.

    Systems that Incorporate Malakim (in one form or another): Jewish and Hebrew Belief, Catholism, Islam, Chaldean, Ceremonial Magick including Enochian and Solomonic/ Solometric.